20 years experience

It's a privilege to be trusted to teach a lot of students, in a lot of schools, over two decades. We've survived and thrived in a very competitive marketplace and continually evolved to meet the needs of our clients.

Professional & Reliable

We focus on delivering a professional and reliable experience so that your school remains a loyal client for life. The first two schools that joined us in 1999, are still with us today.

Building a Legacy

We've taught over 1,000,000 children and we're determined to leave a legacy which inspires millions more. We love hearing stories from adults who say, "I remember doing your programs when I was at school".

Expert Staff

You're probably booking us because your classroom teachers struggle with delivering expertise in dance and sport. Our staff are experts in their field and are regularly involved in professional development.

RFF Services

The modern day classroom teacher has an overwhelming workload. We can give your teachers back their time by providing our qualified Teachers to run RFF sessions for a term or the entire year.

Diverse Program Options

We offer 6 curriculum programs so that you can change from year to year to give your students a well-rounded PDHPE experience. Many schools choose to book multiple programs each year.

6 Program Options to Suit All Year