Stage Specific Programs

We have developed a different program for K-2 (Fundamental Movement Skills) and Yr 3-6 (Ball Sport Skills). We understand the need to cater for stage specific learning and ability levels.

Variety of Sports & Skills

Students are taught a different sport each week, exposing them to a range of different skills, not just the same sport all term. We also expose children to both individual and team sports, both traditional and non-traditional.

Lots of Equipment

We maximise student engagement by providing lots of equipment. Our equipment is safe and innovative and is suitable for students of all abilities.

RFF Available

Give your teachers back their time by having our qualified Teachers run RFF sessions for a term or the entire year.

Curriculum Compliant

You'll pass your audit with our program documentation included with your booking.

Student Assessments

Assessments done in class, on the spot, with results given straight to classroom teachers.

Affordable Pricing

Can you be flexible with your preferred term and day? If so, we can be flexible with pricing! Talk with us to put together a package that is affordable for your school.

How to book

We recommend a free trial day to experience our expertise and professionalism. Please contact or 1300948870.