Endorsed Company

We've passed all the benchmarks with Dancesport Australia to be recognised as a "Preferred Provider" of dance to schools.

Expertise & Experience

Dance is our flagship program, started back in 1999. We've taught over 500,000 children to enjoy dance in a respectful and social manner.

Male & Female Dance Staff

We have a reputation for having staff who know to make dancing "cool". Our male staff are awesome role models especially for the boys who are reluctant to dance.

Performance Based

Our lessons all lead to the final outcome...the performance. Students perform learned routines for the school community, giving everyone a sense of pride and achievement.

RFF Available

Give your teachers back their time by having our qualified Teachers run RFF sessions for a term or the entire year.

Student Assessments

Assessments done in class, on the spot, with results given straight to classroom teachers.

Affordable Pricing

A number of variables means pricing will vary depending on the number of students booked, the program you choose and the term you want the program delivered in. Contact us for a customised quote for your school.

How to book

We recommend a free trial day to experience our expertise and professionalism. Please contact admin@dancefever.net or 1300948870.