Award Winning Company

We've been awarded for our excellence in gymnastics with "Gold Star Certification" from Gymnastics NSW. This means we are recommended to teach in your school as our staff are qualified, our lessons deliver progressive learning and our safety record is outstanding.

Approved for Sporting Schools Grant

We are an approved Sporting Schools provider for gymnastics. You are able to use your grant and choose us as your preferred provider for lessons.

Accredited Staff

To teach gymnastics, you need accreditation. Our staff hold coaching qualifications with Gymnastics AUS, providing them with specialised skills to make gymnastics fun and safe.

Amazing Reviews

Please read below the many positive reviews that schools say about our program and our staff. If you are doing gymnastics lessons with another provider, you definitely need to compare with what we can do for your school!

Curriculum Compliant

You'll pass your audit with our program documentation included with your booking.

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we are the #1 preferred provider for gymnastics in schools. Here's proof!