Our Story in Milestones

Founded In
Started teaching in QLD schools
1st Interschool Challenge (Brisbane)
Started teaching in NSW schools
10th Birthday
Started teaching in VIC schools
Rebranded as Dancefever Multisport
1st athletics carnival for schools
Started teaching in TAS schools
Started teaching in ACT schools
Started teaching in NZ schools
15th Birthday
Commenced RFF service to schools
Commenced Wellbeing program in schools
20th Birthday
Commenced Online Programs

Dancefever Multisport Founding Directors
Chris Milburn & Maria Russo

Our Story

“Dancefever Australia” was founded in 1999 in Brisbane by our current Company Directors, Chris Milburn and Maria Russo.  Chris had recently returned to Australia after a number of years overseas as a Professional and International Ballroom and Latin Dancer, Coach and Adjudicator. Chris’ milestone achievement as a dancer was his ranking of 3rd at the “World Ten Dance” (5 Ballroom styles & 5 Latin styles). Maria was a Fundraising Executive for a private boys high school in Brisbane. She was heavily involved and skilled in taking “fundraiser ideas” to a “finished product”. Maria’s milestone achievement was raising in excess of $1m in fundraising for the school to improve learning facilities for the students.

The idea of “Dancefever” was formed when Maria employed Chris to choreograph dance routines for students for a fundraising fashion parade. It quickly became obvious to both Chris and Maria that the interaction and confidence between “boy and girl” students was extremely passive. Both Chris and Maria decided to run workshops for the students to not only improve their dancing ability, but also to increase confidence and social etiquette skills between the students. This is when the “light bulb” idea of Dancefever was about to become reality…

And as they say, “the rest is history!”

Dancefever Australia rebranded in 2010 as Dancefever Multisport and now offers schools the expertise to fulfill their physical education curriculum requirements.

Chris, Maria and their staff of qualified teachers and instructors are committed to providing students with essential learning experiences that develop knowledge, understanding and skills in physical activity and social etiquette. 

Our curriculum compliant programs support schools and students each year to stay healthy, happy and active.

We are proud of our story and our milestones and we hope to bring our expertise to your school very soon!

Chris Milburn & Maria Russo

Our Mission

For Clients

It has always been, and will always be, about providing a professional experience. We’re passionate about every step of your journey with us. From the booking process, to delivering the lessons, to meeting with you at your school to hear feedback.  We care deeply about the experience that your school has with our Company; our work is never done. Our mission is to work hard for your trust and loyalty, so that you become a “brand promoter” of who we are and what we do.

For School Communities

Every school is part of a community, and we take our responsibility to deliver positivity to your school community very seriously. From our Parent Showcase Performances, to School Discos and Graduations, to donating our time and staff to help school’s achieve their fundraising goals. We feel a sense of responsibility to connect teachers, students and parents together through our work.   Our mission to for your school community to see and feel the benefits of our work in your schools and beyond the classroom.