Movement + Music

We combine movement and music to create the perfect learning environment. Students learn to skip by themselves, with a partner, in a group, with short ropes, long ropes and multiple ropes!

Improved Fitness Levels

Skipping is a high intensity activity that is renowned for improving student fitness levels. Our lessons are so much fun that students don't often recognise that they are improving their physical fitness levels.

Maximum Engagement

Every student is given their own skipping rope to use during lessons. Maximum engagement, minimal waiting for turns.

Curriculum Compliant

You'll pass your audit with our program documentation included with your booking.

Amazing Reviews

Please read below the many positive reviews that schools say about our program and our staff. Skipping is an under-rated program taught in schools and we can show you why it's such a hit with the students!

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Schools love the engagement levels we achieve through skipping. Reviews are below!