Athletics Carnivals

We are the most experienced school provider when it comes to school athletics carnivals. Since 2010, we have organised and hosted over 500 athletics carnivals for primary schools. Included in your booking is pre-carnival planning and documentation. We will also provide you with access to our expert staff and full use of our equipment.

Multi Sport Fun Days

Variety is critical to keeping students engaged. Our Multi Sport Fun Days allows students to be involved in a variety of physical activities that promote maximum particpation and student engagement. Students will learn new skills and be exposed to activities they probably haven't tried before!

PBL Reward Days

If your school follows a PBL model and you’d like to reward your students as part of it, we can provide a full sporting experience built on maximum student engagement and innovative equipment.

Sport-a-thon Days

Thinking of holding a fundraising event based around sport? We can create a personalised event based on your needs. Please contact us with your idea!

Colour Run

While we don't provide the paint, we can provide your school with obstacle course activities to integrate into your colour run day.

Something else?

Does your school have a unique idea in mind for your students? We have the expertise to take your idea and turn it into a memorable event. Please contact us with your idea!