1. Communication concerning program transfers, program bookings, functions, invoices, and complaints must be put in writing to Dance Fever Australia Pty Ltd Head Office.
  2. Dance Fever Australia Pty Ltd will endeavour to accommodate all timetabling requests within reason. Timetabling requests will be considered, but not guaranteed. Timetables will be distributed in the term prior to the commencement of a selected program.
  3. Dance Fever Australia Pty Ltd will invoice schools in accordance with the cost approved on the signed Booking Agreement.
  4. Schools are invoiced on a per student per term basis, not a per student per week basis. Should a school wish to participate in an 8 or 9 week program only, invoices are still for a 10 week program (our staff are full time, hence the need to cover costs for a full term).
  5. Schools will be invoiced via email after their first lesson of the term, with total payment to be finalised by the last lesson of the same term. Delays in making payment in full within this time-frame may result in a late payment fee of 1% per day of total invoice amount.
  6. Student numbers will be confirmed upon commencement of the selected program and will be invoiced accordingly. If there is a significant difference between the student numbers indicated on the Booking Agreement and the actual number of participants, the service fee may increase.
  7. Should a participant be absent from the lesson(s), a refund or credit will not be applied.
  8. There are no refunds once an agreement has been signed by a school. Lesson credit or alternative lessons (such as online) will be offered to the school.
  9. Should a school cancel their place in their selected program(s) after signing the Booking Agreement, a cancellation fee of $1000.00 + GST may be issued at the discretion of Dance Fever Australia Pty Ltd. This fee covers loss of business where another school’s booking in the schedules has been jeopardised.
  10. In the rare instance that Dance Fever Australia Pty Ltd has to cancel lessons due to extreme unforeseen circumstances, replacement lesson(s) will be organised for a suitable day and time between the school and Dance Fever Australia Pty Ltd State Managers. If the replacement lesson(s) cannot be scheduled, alternative arrangements will be made.
  11. If the assigned program falls on a day that the school has organised another event (mass, excursion or alike), a make up lesson cannot be guaranteed for another day, nor can a reduced invoice / refund be applied. We do ask schools to be mindful that our schedules and staff are fully booked all year round and we cannot guarantee a make up lesson due to a clash with a school event.
  12. All lesson plans and curriculum documentation remain the property of Dance Fever Australia Pty Ltd and must not be copied, distributed or likewise without prior written consent from the Company Directors.
  13. Changes to Terms & Conditions can only be made in writing and with the prior consent of Dancefever Australia Pty Ltd.

Events & Functions

1. All functions and events are invoiced prior to the event and invoices must be settled by the client one week prior to the event date.

2. All fees are to be settled with Dancefever Head Office via cheque or direct debit and not in the form of a cheque presented to Dancefever staff on the day of the event.

3. Should a client wish to a cancel a function event, a minimum of 5 days notice is required for the client to receive their function fees refunded in full.

4. In the rare instance that Dancefever Australia Pty Ltd has to cancel a function event, we will endeavour to provide up to 1 weeks notice and all client fees will be refunded in full.

5. All Terms & Conditions above are final and supersede all other Terms & Conditions as set out by schools. Changes to Terms & Conditions can only be made in writing and with the prior consent of Dancefever Australia Pty Ltd.