Frequently Asked Questions for Term 4 Zoom Sessions

Are the Zoom sessions secure and safe?

Yes. Each Zoom lesson is set with a private passcode and meeting link to login. As there will be up to 1,000 students from different schools sharing the same time spot, schools have the choice to have student cameras ON or OFF.  Depending on your choice, your school will be sent a link for schools with cameras ON or a link for schools with cameras OFF.  Student chat feature and student microphones will be OFF prior to entering the lesson regardless if you’ve selected student cameras ON or OFF.

We have created a Zoom risk assessment which is available on request. 

Do teachers need to co-host and moderate?

For the Zoom sessions with student cameras, chat and microphones OFF, no school teacher co-hosts or moderators are required. Teachers are most welcome to join each session but are not required to co-host or moderate.

For the Zoom sessions with student cameras ON, chat and microphones OFF, a minimum of 1 school teacher co-host or moderator is required.  

For the live Zoom Discos, a minimum of 1 school teacher co-host or moderator is required as student cameras will be ON.  

Will my school have the same Zoom link and time slot each week for my program?

Yes. Once you book your Program Pass and your preferred time slot, you will secure that time slot for weeks 1, 2 and 3. It will be the same time slot each week so schools can plan student learning around your session time with us.

The Zoom meeting link that we send you prior to lesson 1, will be the same Zoom link for lessons 2 and 3.

We have students learning from home and students still coming to school – is our access for all students?

Yes. Provided your teachers at school can setup access for your session time (smartboard etc), our access will be available for all students regardless of their location.

Our school staff are working from home – how do we pay?

To make it easy for you to secure a spot, we now have over the phone credit card facilities to cater for school staff working from home.

We can also email your invoice if you prefer EFT payment.